Celebrating Lesley Hayes, author of Written in Water Trilogy

Strange Eventful History is the final book in the Written in Water Trilogy. Amazingly, it can be read as a standalone, but I would recommend reading Exits and Entrances and Better Strangers first, otherwise, how can you be intrigued by the sameness, and yet time-changed differences, in Cordelia, Beatrice, and Rosalind?

Children of the “swinging sixties”, young women in the mid-seventies, the threesome reappear in the nineties, and age over twenty-five years to the moment when Paddy – and what a delight it is to be reacquainted with Paddy – suggests to Rosalind that she spends her retirement writing a book “about us”. My dread, the death scenes, could be pushed aside?

All of Lesley Hayes’ writing is incredible. Accurate settings our mothers talked of leading to nudges of half-remembered facts and onward to the EU Referendum build-up. Some of the characters have firm views on everything, rarely agreeing with one another, and others are too troubled with their own affairs to notice unless they impinge violently into their lives.

Most of all, after reading of youngsters and young women, the ageing of Cordelia, Beatrice, and Rosalind is a feat perhaps only a psychotherapist could achieve so brilliantly.

Strange Eventful History has been a long time coming but it was worth the wait and to all those readers who are looking to add a book, or books, to their collection, look no further until you have all the works by Lesley Hayes; they earn both their cost and their place a dozen times over, always there to be reread.

All Lesley’s Books on Amazon

Author: authorsarahstuart

Sarah Stuart is an award-winning author whose books are based on her show business experience, her concern for animals, the challenges of her Christian faith, and her passions for history and travel. Sarah's hope is that readers will enjoy her novels as an escape from reality, but be left understanding that fame and fortune often comes at a high personal cost. Also, an increased perception of the threat to animals: those shot in the name of sport for trophy heads, endangered species, many poached for their fur and ivory, and tragically discarded pets.

12 thoughts on “Celebrating Lesley Hayes, author of Written in Water Trilogy”

  1. I have often said, and it bears repeating, that Lesley Hayes could make a shopping list worth reading. I love all her books, but have yet to dip my toes into this one. I must remedy that soon. On my ‘To be read’ list.

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  2. Lesley Hayes is one of my favourite authors, whether traditional or indie. I’ve read and enjoyed all of her work and the Written in Water trilogy is in a class of its own. Easily one of the best mini-series I’ve ever read. 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much, Sarah… and everyone who has left a comment here. Heart and soul was poured into writing this trilogy, and like most writers I am never convinced of a book’s worth until I read reviews like yours. I was content with what I’d achieved in completing it (especially the ending, which crept up on me quite unexpectedly – Paddy spoke and there was nothing to do but stand aside and let him.) But the response to it in reviews like yours has turned contentment into a deeper joy. 💜

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  4. Paddy was always the character most likely to take over, aggravating though he could be at times!

    I had been looking forward to book three for so long, and now I envy those who have still to read it. The consolation is all three books are on my Kindle ready to reread.


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