Stay Inside & Read – STAY ALIVE

Romance, Thrillers, Crime, Horror, Historical, Erotica, Military and Children’s books reduced to $0.99 to make them affordable for all.

A group of authors, working from home as governments worldwide have ordered, have reduced the prices of dozens of books, cutting what they earn to almost nil as their contribution in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic. If you want to say thank you, honest reviews on Amazon are always appreciated, but the greatest reward we can have is that our gesture, small beside the sacrifices of so many, keeps you entertained. All of you who read this are in my prayers.



Coronavirus Isolation Consolation

Many people worldwide are isolated, for their own protection, or that of others, or by law, so I have reduced the price of all my books to $0.99 or its equivalent.

As of today, even Royal Command Family Saga with its exclusive new novella, Sizzling Sunset, are affordable.

Spend hours in a different world, because the greatest challenge we face is fear.

Together, we can beat the threat!


Whether you like your romance sizzling hot, or cozy, all of the books have one thing in common: suspense!


One Alone in the World will be published soon.


Romance With a Twist

Freebies to introduce you to new authors.

Six “books” that are either sample chapters or short stories.


Next, may I introduce Kerry Humphreys who has a new release for you.

On what was supposed to be the happiest day of Chelsea Thompson’s life, she finds out that the man she loves unconditionally has been cheating on her.

Instead of going on her honeymoon with her new husband, she flees all the way from Chicago to Lanzarote on her own.

While she’s there, she meets her next door neighbor, Aaron Easton. He’s sexy, fun and makes her feel alive, but she’s adamant he will be just a friend. After experiencing rejection, and betrayal she doesn’t want to dive into another relationship, particularly when he lives so far away from her life in Chicago.

Aaron Easton has secrets. He’s made mistakes in his life but he’s trying to turn his life around. He’s doing a good job until he meets his new and beautiful neighbor.

For a man that had vowed never to get involved with another woman, he can’t help but be drawn to the beautiful Chelsea.

For two jaded people who don’t want to get involved with each other, it doesn’t take long for their red hot attraction to take over. Soon they’re breaking every rule they’ve ever made.

But there’s something that threatens their fledgling relationship. There’s a serial killer on the loose, he’s murdering women and leaving them on the beach. Now he has his sights set firmly on Chelsea and he will do whatever it takes to make her his next victim.

Will Aaron be able to keep Chelsea safe? If he does, what’s going to happen between them? Will she return to Chicago and back to her old life? Or will he be able to convince her that their love is real and worth a chance?



28 Days Later…Sailing through the storm… Day 16

The greatest thing we have to fear is FEAR.

Maxpower's Blog

As a cross genre author who dabbles in horror, the Coronavirus that has swept across the globe is reminiscent of so many horror tales that I have read. It feels like a work of fiction but it is very real. I drove to and from work today on half empty roads, knowing full well that in the days to come, things can only get worse. I was reminded of the opening scenes of 28 days Later and 16 days in from an Irish perspective, I dread to imagine what the next 12 days will hold.

In the cold light of what might very well be a new dawn for Irish society, we have been asked to look inside and already we have been found wanting. But don’t panic, we can redeem ourselves in the coming days.

Already in partial shutdown, the painful truth is that closing pubs and other establishments…

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Beta or Worse?

I wish this was mandatory reading for all authors.

Tom Benson - Creative

Okay, so you’ve written a book and you’ve got a cover.

When you’re happy, do you go ahead and publish, or do you take it steady and make sure it’s readable?

Personally, I ask for beta readers and the more the merrier, whether it be a novel or a         collection of short stories. Yes, there might be a few issues in the final product but they also appear in books by acclaimed traditionally-published authors. Errors can be cut down dramatically with some effort and patience. It’s the responsibility of the author to produce the best book they can.

Before I send a manuscript to readers I’ll have gone at least as far as the third draft and on at least two occasions printed the story to perform a ‘red-pen’ edit. Even then, I tend to offer my beta readers a handful of things I’m    concerned…

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Tips for Writing Action Scenes

Good tips for all authors. I love some of the alternative words suggested.

Story Empire

Hi, SEers. You’re with Mae today for a look at writing action scenes. Of all the types of scenes that go into constructing a novel, I used to dread action the most. Not so much these days, but they’re still the scenes I tweak and re-tweak most during editing.

When writing an action scene, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

Use Short Sentences
Short sentences generally work best in action scenes. Keep your reader pumped up and immersed in the moment. Don’t leave them stumbling over a tangle of lengthy sentences. Intersperse longer sentences with dialogue and/or shorter sentences to propel the action forward.

dog running toward camera, with open mouth, all four paws in air above groundAvoid Weak Verbs
Actions scenes call for strong verbs. Avoid verbs that are overused (turned, pulled, looked, moved). A trick I use when I write action is to focus on the urgency of the moment. As an example, people don’t just turn or

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International Women’s Day

Celebrate – Buy a Book by a Female Author

Each of my novels takes months to write, usually taking several hours work daily. Research – double-checking every fact behind the fiction – or actually typing, formatting as I go. All of it requires editing, proofreading, a cover and a short description. When I hit “publish” on Amazon, I’ve usually set a launch price of 99 cents or the equivalent worldwide. So, what next? Fix a realistic price – $2.99, less than the price of a coffee because readers won’t pay more.


If my husband didn’t earn a high salary, I couldn’t afford to use my talent – not my words; the awards my books have won speak for me. So, as we celebrate smashed glass ceilings in many fields, remember those who provide a break from reality, the chance to live in a different world for a few hours, but earn a pittance. Far too little to make a real difference to the charities to which I donate 100% of my royalties.


Available on Kindle Unlimited

One Alone in the World  (Richard & Maria Book 3) will be published around Easter.