Meet McKayla Schutt

My guest this week is USA Today Bestselling Author McKayla Schutt.

“McKayla, I just love the way you spell your name. Tell us a bit about yourself.”

“Hi Sarah, I love to write books about sexy werewolves, hot dragons, witches and more.”

“And you are now a USA Today Bestselling Author!”

“That too, which I’m thrilled about, but I’m also a stay at home mom of two in the state of Wyoming. Born in California, I miss the hot weather all the time.”

“McKayla, do tell us more about your writing.” (No idea what she’s laughing about.)

“My goal is to write as many sexy books as possible.”

Right… well… I think I’ll have a word with one of your characters and see how he feels about it. Forward, Sarah; it’s only a werewolf! But first>>

Especially for the Paranormal Romance fans among you, and I know there are lots, I’m introducing McKayla’s new release.

Two Alphas: A Werewolf Shifter Romance: Alpha Male Romance

Actually folks, I’m being interrupted! Not easy as most of you know, so he must be determined to have his say.

“Hey, Dante here.” He arches a brow. “Look, there are two things you should know right off the start. I will protect my pack no matter what and I will protect my mate with the same ferocious force. When Luca and I went on our evening walk around the beach I never expected to meet my mate or even have to share her with Luca.” Chuckles. “Yes, sharing her keeps our packs together and that’s the only good news.”

“Before I met Ebony with her fiery red hair and little girl, Alisha- I was known for playing the field so to speak but that’s done. I’m not a cheater! And when one of my old flings stops by, I can see the hints of mistrust in Ebony’s gaze when she looks at me. I’ll prove to Ebony that I’m not going to break her heart.”

“That’s it Dante? Don’t tell us the answers to all our questions will you!”

Nothing for it but to buy the book, quickly before the price rises, according to him. Before you do though, as promised in my newsletter – do subscribe if you haven’t already – I’m letting Ebony have her say.

“Hello, I’m Ebony. The very sick human who happens to imprint with two strong-alpha werewolves. At first, I’m hesitant on the idea of completing the bond but having two mates to watch after her daughter after she passes gives me all the reassurances. That little girl is my top priority as I adjust to my new life as the alpha female of two packs.”

“Keeping my secret of being terminally ill isn’t easy but I also don’t want to ruin the limited days I have on this earth. Luca mentions possibly becoming a werewolf like them but that’s a risk I’m not ready to take. Because if I’m not meant to be a wolf the change would kill me!”

Wondering who Luca is, other than Dante’s mention? Folks with my newsletter already know. Don’t risk coming in part way through the next story! Oh, and before I forget, when you subscribe you get a free book – sorry, no werewolves. 

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Oops, Sarah, never mind your free book – tell people where to get>>

TWO ALPHAS plus tell them a secret! Mckayla has promised to stop by a couple of times this week so remember to post your comments & questions.

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McKayla Schutt
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