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John Nicholl is one of my favourite thriller writers and it was an honour and a delight to read his next release.

The strength of this John Nicholl thriller is that the reader can see every facet of the crime – victims, petty crooks, killers, grieving families, the media, and the investigating police officers. Every one of them vividly drawn and grounded. Nobody is completely evil or utterly good.

So, the end is predictable? No! Fast-paced and packed with action, The Carmarthen Murders is a true chiller-thriller created by a master of psychological twists.


Brilliant Books You Mustn’t Miss!

These are all the books I read in April, other than those I didn’t rate five stars, in chronological order.

Utterly Captivating

The Road from Fotheringhay introduces the boy who became Richard 111 so convincingly the reader lives in the mid-fifteenth century with him. Proof of a great deal of meticulous research that forms the basis of an “it’s likely” tale of a man born for unexpected kingship.


An explosive story!

Take the bitter freezing cold of Alaska, stir in a hoard of gold, a few old-timers with no regard for the law, Micha. Breeding pure wolves with huskies makes for a pup faithful to its owner to the death. Guess what? That’s illegal! and you have Ice and Secrets. Suspense and murder in plenty, well-laced with an incredibly steamy romance between Lane and her dogman.

A very highly recommended 5-star!

Missing in France is Ms Chapman’s best Anna Davies mystery yet! Is Marseille the wicked city it’s said to be? It doesn’t seem so to Anna until she meets a woman whose little girl was kidnapped. When a baby boy vanishes from his bedroom in the same way, Anna cannot resist sleuthing, only to discover other children, scattered throughout the South of France, met the same fate over a period of years, but what fate?

Rita Lee Chapman has a talent for painting a vivid backdrop to the action. You can see the beauty of Paris, Avignon, and Arles, and taste the delicious food. Take a glass of wine or a coffee with Anna, but remember danger lurks behind you!

A Magic Box of… Apples?

Next Steps is a collection of short stories perfect for reading at any time. With a coffee… when you can’t sleep… Not that they’ll help you nod off; you’ll find yourself reading three, not one as planned, and then lying thinking about them.

Exciting, tragic, fanciful, spooky, romantic – they’re all here with only one thing in common. They captivate from start to finish.

Readers will have their favourites. Mine was Earworm by one of the guest authors, Sylva Fae, but Tom Benson’s own offerings show his talent for diversity. What could be more  different than the title story, Next Steps, and Time to Let Go? Read them and decide for yourself.

A brilliant, heart-stopping, mystery!

How well did Carole know her son? Did she shut him out while she grieved for his father, her love of fourteen years tragically dead? She’s still grieving and, one night she resorts to sleeping tablets and misses his text: “I’m stuck”.

Where? He hasn’t come home, so did he need fetching? At eighteen, the police tell her, Jaydon is an adult, so he’s not a missing person.

Harmony Kent has brought alive the mother’s panicked trawl through a boy’s online life in her desperate search for the truth. Nothing is hidden, and yet I defy any reader to guess the ending.


Travel with Bryce, artist and art gallery owner/dealer, from Scotland to the spectacular beauties of Prague in search of lost paintings – the fabled set named The Chariots. But is Bryce the only one who desires them? Is it his only reason for his visit? Are the people he meets friend or foe?

Czech Mate has more twists and turns than a corkscrew, but will justice prevail in a country whose people fight for freedom and democracy against the old regime of communism?

This is a captivating story from start to finish, but be warned, it is not for the faint-hearted. There is torture and brutal murder before “checkmate”, and who declares victory? The white bishop or the black queen?

Five-Star Gold – Highly Recommended!

Tabula Rasa is a gold medal winning thriller, and rightly. This is no parochial story of espionage and counter-espionage. It reflects the danger to planet Earth from everything humans are doing in a careless, it-isn’t-my-problem, society, but one man’s solution is… drastic!

Read it if you dare; it’s extremely believable in the current culture of terrorism.

If there is a single book you haven’t read, you really should! Click on the cover and a clean link will take you to Amazon Com, and from there it’s easy to reach Amazon UK. Enjoy!





My Whoreizonal Life, an Escort’s Tale Book 1: the first sex months

Pre-publication review by Sarah Stuart for Readers’ Favorite

My Whoreizonal Life, An Escort’s Tale Book One: The first sex months by Sephe Haven is not what it first appears: erotica; it has too strong a story and only a discreet amount of sexual detail. What it is, is an amazingly honest memoir of a woman committed to becoming an actress at any cost, and the costs, financially and emotionally, are high. Sephe’s story opens in nineteen-eighties New York and she’s not just broke, she’s on the point of joining the city’s homeless. However, flashbacks give fascinating insights into life at Juilliard. The fear of being “cut” – thrown off the course – and the fines. If she is to realise her dream, Sephe must find a way of making money, and not as an ill-paid, clumsy, waitress! Escort Agencies mean just that – women employed to escort men to dinners – don’t they?

I was utterly fascinated by My Whoreizonal Life. Who hasn’t heard of Juilliard, famous for its high standards of teaching in the performing arts? There is no excuse for non-attendance – “Even if you are DEAD, your casket better show up. Or you will be CUT.” Escorts, Sephe discovers, are prostitutes, and they’re illegal and any client might be a policeman! Susan runs her agency by strict rules too, taking her share of the girls’ earnings, but Sephe’s reward for work she detests gradually pays her debts. Does she loathe the work? Does she become an actress? Read My Whoreizonal Life, An Escort’s Tale Book One: The first sex months by Sephe Haven and find out!

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