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Beware! Richard, Maria, and Ben will hook you, BUT, all is not lost. Books 2 and 3 are on offer at 99 cents or same worldwide.

Book 1 Richard finds teenage Maria on his doorstep, as unwanted by her mother as he is by his fiancée, dumped, like the stray dog, Ben, he adopted. Richard didn’t expect to fall in love

Book 2 Richard and Maria’s marriage attracts enemies from the past prepared to risk killing innocent people to split them apart, but which one?

Book 3 Financial disaster threatens. When their daughter, Eleanor, tries to help, she renews ancient jealousies. Will the music they share keep them together, or must Eleanor remain one alone in the world?

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Michael Marsh escapes poverty with the help of his first love, Elspeth, but her delving into the secrets of a long-dead Tudor queen is their downfall. Incestuous seduction leads to a hidden lovechild… and so it goes on. Blackmail, kidnap and an unpaid ransom, revengeful abuse, rape, murder and sex-trafficking. How long before The Spy, a journalist eager for dirt on celebrities, and especially the Diamond Superstar, discovers the Marsh family’s secrets?

Who will be left alive to see the Sizzling Sunset?

If Michael Marsh has one talent apart from singing, it has to be the attraction of scandal, whether or not it’s true. The rich entertainer’s extended family is a constant source of fodder for The Spy, the journalist whose life’s ambition is the downfall of Michael Marsh, The Diamond Superstar. Will the dark prince of the paparazzi finally be silenced?

Mayhem, Maria, & Music


Three Against The World started life as a book my “cover girl” Maria, would be allowed to read. In a word, clean. It came before lockdown, but here she is, two years on, taking her “daily exercise”.

Maria’s mother dumped her on Richard’s doorstep claiming he was her father, and he didn’t tell Maria when he found out it was a mistake. Ben would never have forgiven him if he’d lost her.

Ben is the Jack Russell Terrier Richard adopted from a rescue centre and he is modelled on my own rescued Weimaraner. Not that she bites… or she hasn’t yet, but nobody has threatened me. It is she who taught me how clingy dogs who lose their homes can be. Even now, almost 6 years on, she values routine and gets scared if someone is missing for a few hours, and the only place she can be left alone is in the car. She came from the Blue Cross. If you’d like to help, there’s a link under The Author.

Two Face The World features Richard and Maria married. They still have Ben, but even he can’t protect them from enemies from the past. Eleanor is a baby conceived by mistake, but welcomed into their world of music. The question is, will they all survive? (I did mention suspense.)

This is Eleanor grown up. One Alone in The World is in three parts.

At 7, she falls in love with Brian, an older boy from school, and she tries to help Mum and Dad, resurrecting dangerous secrets from the past.

At 15, she’s a rebellious teenager who wins a music award… the rest is trouble!

At 18, she falls in love, but will she find a way back to the man she loves or remain one alone in the world?


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Offers end at Midnight! Historical & Contemporary Romantic Suspense

The Complete Royal Command Family Saga & The Story of The White Slaves of England!

Get Dangerous Liaisons: The Backstreet Boy and the Royal Heiress free and the other four books for $/£0.99 each.

Seduction leads to incestuous adultery that ends with hiding a child, or is it the end? A journalist known only as The Spy is eager for dirt on the Diamond Superstar.

Follow Michael’s journey from the backstreets of an English city to starring in London’s West End and on Broadway. Meet the women he loves… and the one he shouldn’t love but cannot resist… and of the effect of fame, wealth, and scandal on his growing dynasty. Kidnap, abuse, rape, murder… a man’s journey across America to extract justice and win back the woman he loves… sex-trafficking… a man with an underage sister on the run from the Feds… a daughter who becomes a prostitute… twins who are lovers… the younger woman who fears love is a mocking trick to defeat the paparazzi… there is plenty for The Spy to use if scurrilous secrets surface.


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The Chainmakers’ Daughter, free for the very
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“Some make chains. Some wear them.” Rosie Wallace survives on three slices of bread a day. Scarred by flame and metal, she makes her life as her ancestors have: making chains for the rich chain master, Matthew Joshua. There is no hope for a better future. No hope even for a green vegetable on the table. Her life will be making chains, marrying Jack, the boy she loves, and babies every year. But when an assault by the chain master’s son threatens the very fabric of her tenuous existence, Rosie finds the courage and the reason to fight for her own survival and the lives of her family and neighbours. Set in the first decade of the 20th century The Chainmakers’ Daughter is a haunting portrayal of abject poverty, ever-present death, and modern-day slavery.

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Can you resist the sequel, The Chainmakers’ Wife?

England 1911: following the successful strike by women chainmakers for the legal minimum wage, and the death of the chain master, Matthew Joshua, Jack and Rosie find themselves on the other side of the fence when they are thrust into running the chain factory for Matthew’s widow, Marion.
Along with their new responsibilities, Jack and Rosie have to contend with national strikes, riots, and shortages. Ever the activist, Rosie defies Jack and is gaoled when fighting for women’s suffrage, while Marion plots to write Jack out of Rosie’s life and steal Rosie’s daughter Emma. Jack’s attempt to keep Rosie safe at home by betraying her trust in the most underhand way backfires spectacularly. Can they find forgiveness, yet again? The outbreak of war brings new challenges to an already fraught relationship, and both determine to do their bit for the war effort with potentially devastating consequences.





Worldwide, multi-award-winning, romantic thrillers!

Book 1 Free, books 2, 3, 4 & 5 99p/99c each!

Follow Michael’s journey from the backstreets of an English city to starring in London’s West End and on Broadway. Meet the women he loves… and the one he shouldn’t love but cannot resist… and of the effect of fame, wealth, and scandal on his growing dynasty. Kidnap, abuse, rape, murder… a man’s journey across America to extract justice and win back the woman he loves… sex-trafficking… a man with an underage sister on the run from the Feds… a daughter who becomes a prostitute… twins who are lovers… the younger woman who fears love is a mocking trick to defeat the paparazzi… there is plenty for The Spy, an ambitious journalist, to use to destroy the Diamond Superstar if scurrilous secrets surface.


Love sizzles with passion when two worlds collide, but can it survive? Michael’s road from poverty to riches is rough: charisma and talent versus pride. Elspeth, daughter of a wealthy Scottish laird, inherits Margaret Tudor’s diary. It contains the command to “find love where ye may”, and that she must pass the book to a daughter conceived in love. Elspeth is determined to see Michael succeed, but is the promise she makes to him too high a price to pay?

Eighteen years later, the relationship is challenged by their adult daughter. Lisette adores the Diamond Superstar and sees the royal command as permission to set a trap for Michael and indulge her forbidden love. One night of passion results in pregnancy, and the paparazzi are already suspicious of the father and daughter who play lovers onstage. Margaret Tudor succeeded in hiding the birth of an illegitimate baby from a king in the sixteenth century, but can Elspeth hide the next royal heiress from modern bureaucracy? Does she love Michael and Lisette enough to forgive them and try?

Broadway singer and actress, Lisette Marsh, flees to Paris and joins her father, The Diamond Superstar, for a European concert tour. Michael discovers she is being blackmailed into perverted sex with threats to reveal that she had his baby eighteen years before. He gambles his career, his marriage, and his liberty, to discredit the paparazzi-fuelled scandal.

Their lovechild, Harriet, discovers the truth about her about her parentage and vanishes. The man behind the blackmail sends ransom demands, so did Harriet leave her London home of her own freewill or was she kidnapped? “$6,000,000 or you get her body, darling.” Can Michael’s audacious plan to defeat the blackmailer work, or must Lisette return to the man she fears to save the whole family from imprisonment and financial ruin?

“Screams cut the clear air.” The Diamond Superstar, Michael Marsh, turns from signing autographs to see his beloved wife, Elspeth, lying dead on the snow: a skier in black is spotted speeding away towards the Matterhorn. Lisette leaves her husband, Brian, and rushes to her grieving father’s side, rekindling media suspicions of an incestuous relationship.

Jealous, and driven by guilty secrets of his own, Brian abandons Lisette, who is pregnant with his son. For the sake of Elspeth’s youngest daughter, Greta, he is determined to find the killer and mete out justice. The Swiss police ask the London force for help and the detective chief inspector assigned to the case is hostile, influenced by paparazzi stories that Lisette, Michael, or both, wanted Elspeth dead.

Who stabbed the woman everybody loved, and why? How can twins, secret lovers Harriet and Kit, help Greta, and will the way they choose bring the showbiz family empire crashing to the ground?

Can rejected, deserted, Lisette keep her solemn promise to Elspeth to pass on Margaret Tudor’s Book of Hours with its Royal Command, “find love where ye may” to a daughter conceived in love?

Evie, a career detective, deals with the seedy side of life – kidnap, murder, and infiltrating sex-trafficking rings, but can she resist an enticing billionaire superstar thirty-one years her senior? Michael’s proposal – “I’m no innocent, no stranger to sin. Take me as I am or not at all.”

Maternal instincts nil, Evie finds herself the protective, loving, stepmother of Greta, Michael’s jealous, rebellious, teenage daughter, but she reckons without her own mother being in cahoots with The Spy. He, or she, is a journalist prepared to tell lies, bribe “witnesses”, and stalk all the members of her new family to reveal their scandalous secrets.

Michael Marsh escaped backstreet poverty and has enjoyed over forty years of showbiz success, but still his life is dogged by The Spy, a faceless journalist intent on bringing down the Diamond Superstar and seeing him jailed. Michael has been accused of incest with his eldest daughter, Lisette, and murdering his first wife, Elspeth. Now, his youngest daughter, Greta, is in trouble, again, and Michael’s second wife, Evie, begins to doubt him… Can the Marsh women withstand yet more scandal and find everlasting love?

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Seduction leads to incestuous adulterY that ends with hiding a child, or is it the end? A journalist known only as The Spy is eager for dirt on the Diamond Superstar.

Follow Michael’s journey from the backstreets of an English city to starring in London’s West End and on Broadway. Meet the women he loves… and the one he shouldn’t love but cannot resist… and of the effect of fame, wealth, and scandal on his growing dynasty. Kidnap, abuse, rape, murder… a man’s journey across America to extract justice and win back the woman he loves… sex-trafficking… a man with an underage sister on the run from the Feds… a daughter who becomes a prostitute… twins who are lovers… the younger woman who fears love is a mocking trick to defeat the paparazzi… there is plenty for The Spy to use if scurrilous secrets surface.


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Voted Best Indie Book 2018! Why? Read It For Free & Find Out.

Redundancy gives Richard, a talented musician, the chance to pursue his dreams, but his fiancée, Bridget, publicly ditches him, making enemies of his friends. Next. his ex-wife, Naomi, dumps teenage Maria on his doorstep, claiming she’s his daughter. Scrapping freedom and dreams, Richard moves from the town where he’s lived all his life and takes Maria and an unwanted dog, Ben, to London with him. Can they find in each other the love they’ve been denied?

Better still, read the trilogy while it’s on offer!



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Richard and Maria marry, but both are haunted by past rejections. Sinister letters and unwanted gifts arrive, and the more each tries to protect the other by keeping them secret, the worse the anxiety. When vicious attacks on lives and property begin, Richard and Maria reveal the truth to one another and decide they must discover the identity of their enemy and defeat him or her. Will their love hold fast or the old saying “marry in haste, repent at leisure” prove true?

Richard and Maria’s inheritance, The White Hart Inn, is in financial trouble, and they are working very long days. Richard’s audience is shrinking as he gets older, and for Maria, all the fun has gone out of cooking, and yet only The White Hart Eatery profits stand between them and bankruptcy. After an overheard row, their daughter Eleanor tries to help by locating and contacting her maternal grandmother reviving dangerous secrets from the past.



Remembrance Day Worldwide

Poppies, a Symbol of Bloody Wartime Sacrifice. Are there ever winners? Is anyone innocent?

Families torn apart by the Great War. When war is declared in August 1914, Bill, a farm boy brought up in a village on the Duke of Buccleuch’s Northamptonshire estate, is plucking up his courage to ask his sweetheart, Florrie, to marry him. Florrie has given up her dream of being a dancer to bring up her siblings and protect them from their violent and abusive widowed father. For her, marriage to Bill is love, escape, and protection: a dream to be clung to.
But Bill and Florrie’s dreams are dashed – Bill is sent with the Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars, a yeomanry cavalry regiment, to fight in Gallipoli, Egypt, and Palestine taking with him a horse, Copper, volunteered for service by the 7th Duke’s young daughter, Lady Alice. Bill makes promises before he leaves: to marry Florrie if he survives and to bring his beloved warhorse home safe to Lady Alice.
While Bill fights Turks and Germans in appalling conditions, Florrie, a strong female, fights her own war with rationing, poverty, the loss of her menfolk, and her father’s drunken temper. As WW1 proceeds, fearful and with her resilience faltering, her feelings of self-worth plummet, and she turns to her dandelion clocks for reassurance. ‘He lives? He lives not? He loves me? He loves me not?’
When Bill returns to England six months after the armistice in November 1918, both he and Florrie have been changed by their personal journeys. Has their love survived their wartime romances, five years apart, and the tragedies they’ve endured? Can Bill keep his promises to Florrie and Lady Alice?
A heartbreaking story of lovers torn apart by the Great War. An insight into the military history of the 1914 1918 war as fought by the Royal Buckinghamshire Hussars and the Queen’s Own Worcestershire Yeomanry – some of the ‘PALS brigades’. At first thought, ‘not real soldiers’ by the regular army, the Royal Bucks and the Worcester Yeomanry fought with great courage and suffered huge losses. In fact, the Worcesters sustained more losses than any brigade in any war, and the PALS earnt the respect of all those who fought with them. Although Military Fiction, it is a story inspired by real people and based on real events that doesn’t forget the role of women in the Great War or their need for a wartime romance – love where they could find it.


Auschwitz 1944: ‘He had no way to tell her he’d saved her life: no right to tell her to abandon hope.’
Walt is a doctor in the women’s infirmary in Auschwitz-Birkenau, a Nazi death camp in Poland, when Miriam, a Jewish nurse, steps down from a cattle wagon and into his heart, but can he save her? Together, they fight to save their patients, joining the camp resistance and risking death daily. liberation throws them from one hell into another, and Walt is forced onto the March of Death through Poland’s bitter winter, leaving Miriam sick with scarlet fever. Can he escape to help her? Post war, Walt hides stolen evidence, which should have been used to convict Nazi war criminals, in order to protect his post-war family. The truth and his own cowardice weigh on his mind and, as a way of dealing with it, he sets in place an elaborate puzzle, not expecting his determined granddaughter to unravel it.
Touching the Wire is split into two parts and is a present-day mystery as well as historical fiction. Part One transitions between 1944/45 Auschwitz and 1970s England and tells of Walt and Miriam’s love, their promises to one another, and their struggle for survival. More of their story is revealed in Part Two as Charlotte searches for the truth her grandfather couldn’t tell her – a truth that blows her ‘safe’ world apart.
‘Heartbreakingly beautiful. Relentlessly compelling.’
GOLD MEDAL WINNER historical fiction Readers’ Favorite Book Awards 2019
A fictional tale of love, faith, cowardice, and courage, and a tribute to everyone who bore the Auschwitz tattoo or were interred in Nazi death camps during the Holocaust in WW2, this novel is inspired by real events. An inescapable part of Jewish history, Mengele’s medical experiments, carried out under the auspices of war and Hitler’s obsession with a master race are hard to understand, impossible to condone, and difficult to imagine forgiving. The human spirit that finds love in such a place must be rare, but a person in dire circumstances will grab at a kindness where it is offered. Such is the premise of this story, and it asks the question, could you forgive?
Any errors are my own.
Excerpt: “A young woman bent to retrieve her possessions. An SS officer strode past. ‘Leave. Luggage afterwards.’ She stood wide-eyed like a startled deer, one arm cradling a baby. Beside her, an elderly woman clutched a battered suitcase. The girl’s eyes darted from soldier to painted signboard and back. ‘What are we doing here, Grandmother? Why have they brought us here?’ The wind teased at her cheerful red shawl, revealing and lifting long black hair. She straightened and attempted a smile. ‘It’ll be all right, Grandmother. God has protected us on our journey.’ Voices rasped, whips cracked, dogs barked. An SS officer pushed towards a woman of about fifty. ‘How old?’ She didn’t respond, so the officer shouted. He edged closer. As a doctor, he held a privileged position, but he’d also discovered he had a gift for languages. He translated the German to stilted Hungarian, adding quietly. ‘Say you’re under forty-five. Say you are well. Stand here with the younger women.’ He moved from woman to woman, intercepting those he could. ‘Say you are well. Say your daughter is sixteen. Say you can work or have a skill. Say you aren’t pregnant.’ Miriam’s eyes glistened. ‘May He rescue us from every foe.’ She touched her grandmother’s cheek, a gentle, lingering movement, and placed a tender kiss on her baby’s forehead. She moved to stand where he pointed. Miriam’s eyes met his. He had no way to tell her he’d given her life: no right to tell her to abandon hope. ‘Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.’ ”
Readers’ reviews are hugely appreciated. If you love this story, tell your friends.


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