Mayhem, Maria, & Music


Three Against The World started life as a book my “cover girl” Maria, would be allowed to read. In a word, clean. It came before lockdown, but here she is, two years on, taking her “daily exercise”.

Maria’s mother dumped her on Richard’s doorstep claiming he was her father, and he didn’t tell Maria when he found out it was a mistake. Ben would never have forgiven him if he’d lost her.

Ben is the Jack Russell Terrier Richard adopted from a rescue centre and he is modelled on my own rescued Weimaraner. Not that she bites… or she hasn’t yet, but nobody has threatened me. It is she who taught me how clingy dogs who lose their homes can be. Even now, almost 6 years on, she values routine and gets scared if someone is missing for a few hours, and the only place she can be left alone is in the car. She came from the Blue Cross. If you’d like to help, there’s a link under The Author.

Two Face The World features Richard and Maria married. They still have Ben, but even he can’t protect them from enemies from the past. Eleanor is a baby conceived by mistake, but welcomed into their world of music. The question is, will they all survive? (I did mention suspense.)

This is Eleanor grown up. One Alone in The World is in three parts.

At 7, she falls in love with Brian, an older boy from school, and she tries to help Mum and Dad, resurrecting dangerous secrets from the past.

At 15, she’s a rebellious teenager who wins a music award… the rest is trouble!

At 18, she falls in love, but will she find a way back to the man she loves or remain one alone in the world?


A special message for fans and followers:

Hi all, my name is Tom Benson, and I’m Sarah’s guest administrator.

Sarah has been ill and in hospital for the past couple of weeks. It was unlikely that she’d be able to oversee this post going out so I dropped by on her behalf. I thought it pertinent to let you all know that her absence may continue for a little longer, however, I will monitor and respond to any issues/messages which come this way.

I know that, like me, you’ll all be hoping for her speedy recovery, but in the meantime, she could use all the prayers and positive vibes you can spare. I’ll write a brief message when I have something to post for Sarah.

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Royal Command Family Saga Boxed Set

Published for fans of sizzling romantic suspense/thrillers, the complete story.

Seduction leads to incestuous adultery that ends with hiding a child, or is it the end? A journalist known only as The Spy is eager for dirt on the Diamond Superstar.

Follow Michael’s journey from the backstreets of an English city to starring in London’s West End and on Broadway. Meet the women he loves… and the one he shouldn’t love but cannot resist… and of the effect of fame, wealth, and scandal on his growing dynasty. Kidnap, abuse, rape, murder… a man’s journey across America to extract justice and win back the woman he loves… sex-trafficking… a man with an underage sister on the run from the Feds… a daughter who becomes a prostitute… twins who are lovers… the younger woman who fears love is a trick to defeat the paparazzi… there is plenty for The Spy to use if scurrilous secrets surface.


The first of the five books, Dangerous Liaisons, went through a lot of rewrites and numerous edits before it became a Readers’ Favorite Award Winner, but my message never changed. As a teenager I was pony-mad. The shock came when I had my own horse and I was “expected” to follow the local fox hunt. I joined the League Against Cruel Sports instead. The message, as subtle as I could make it, is that killing for sport is wrong… utterly indefensible. There is a page beneath “Author” that explains my commitment to wildlife and abandoned pets, but I will add here that all my royalties are donated to animal charities.

Amazon Review – A Truly Stunning Achievement

Sarah Stuart’s enthralling Royal Command Family Saga is made up of four award-winning novels; Dangerous Liaisons, Illicit Passion, Dynasty of Deceit, and Sweet Temptation, plus a new novella, Sizzling Sunset. Each book is complete within itself. Having them all together in one volume is like a marvelous TV series with each book easily making up several seasons.

The story focuses on Michael, a talented but struggling actor who meets heiress Elspeth. They fall in love, and she uses her wealthy background to influence a powerful man and further Michael’s career, which takes off and he soon is a celebrity. Thus comes the first cautionary aspect of the story; dreams that come true are not always what you wish them to be.

Another is that when you marry you not only marry the person but their family and the entire “luggage” that comes with it. Elspeth’s lineage has a tradition that dates back to Mary Tudor’s time! This tradition brings with it complications and not a small bit of tragedy and intrigue.

Far more than a romance series, the Royal Command Family Saga is one of crime; murder, kidnapping, sex trafficking, incest, and blackmail! Add to all a vicious tabloid journalist hungry for dirt on Michael and fans that have no boundaries and this story\saga never stops twisting, turning, and surprising\shocking. Sarah Stuart commands the tale with her distinct style and mastery of expression.

This five book collection is a worthwhile read for anyone whose interests in romance transcends the typical limitations of the genre; yet holds fast to the concept that love, above all, is what matters most.

Christmas 2020 is what we make it.

It’s been a challenging year for us all, whether we lost family or close friends in the pandemic or suffered the loneliness of isolation, and Christmas has been spoiled for so many… or has it?

We Are Never Alone With God

Not everyone is a believer, and if you are, there are many paths to Him, so I’ve chosen an image that made me chuckle.

With the Internet, none of us need be alone, even when friends can’t visit – this dratted bug doesn’t wait for an invitation! Count up and you’ll almost certainly realise you have “met” more people all over the world through cyberspace than you could travelling for a lifetime. Christmas Day is the day to get in touch. A message on any platform, a phone call if you have the number… you can give comfort and love, and “in giving we receive”. So…


Amazon Offers Two Months Kindle Unlimited Free Trial!

You could binge-read from now, through Christmas, and into February 2021 without paying a penny or a cent.

The Boxed Set, Royal Command Family Saga, counts as one book and is suitable for mature readers only. The Richard and Maria Trilogy are 16+ Join Kindle Unlimited and explore.

Sarah’s Amazon Page

Seduction leads to incestuous adultery that ends with hiding a child, or is it the end? A journalist known only as The Spy is eager for dirt on the Diamond Superstar. Follow Michael’s journey from the backstreets of an English city to starring in London’s West End and on Broadway. Meet the women he loves… and the one he shouldn’t love but cannot resist… and of the effect of fame, wealth, and scandal on his growing dynasty. Kidnap, abuse, rape, murder… a man’s journey across America to extract justice and win back the woman he loves… sex-trafficking… a man with an underage sister on the run from the Feds… a daughter who becomes a prostitute… twins who are lovers… the younger woman who fears love is a mocking trick to defeat the paparazzi… there is plenty for The Spy to use if scurrilous secrets surface.

Book 1 Richard finds teenage Maria on his doorstep, as unwanted by her mother as he is by his fiancée, dumped, like the stray dog, Ben, he adopted. Richard didn’t expect to fall in love

Book 2 Richard and Maria’s marriage attracts enemies from the past prepared to risk killing innocent people to split them apart, but which one?

Book 3 Financial disaster threatens. When their daughter, Eleanor, tries to help, she renews ancient jealousies. Will the music they share keep them together, or must Eleanor remain one alone in the world?


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DCI Gerald Persaud, the recently appointed head of Garton Borough Police, is bored with paperwork… until a serial killer rapes and strangles his first victim… if she is his first.

One thing is certain, she isn’t his last, but who is he?




Writing historical fiction

The inside story of historical fiction.

Rebecca Bryn

I fell into historical fiction writing quite by accident, but once there, I was totally hooked on the events in the past that made us who we are today. Writing this genre follows much the same basic rules as any fiction writing:

The inspiration for the story – what got my juices going.

The characters – who they are, their back stories, their relationships with one another, how I relate to them, and how they develop as people.

The setting – when and where.

The tone – is this a cheery novel, a humorous one, serious, or dark? I suppose most are a mixture.

The plot – how the story unfolds and whether it is character driven or plot driven. In my case, it’s my characters; they throw the plot out of the window and do their own thing leaving me to dig them out of impossible situations. Obviously, when…

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Celebrating Lesley Hayes, author of Written in Water Trilogy

Strange Eventful History is the final book in the Written in Water Trilogy. Amazingly, it can be read as a standalone, but I would recommend reading Exits and Entrances and Better Strangers first, otherwise, how can you be intrigued by the sameness, and yet time-changed differences, in Cordelia, Beatrice, and Rosalind?

Children of the “swinging sixties”, young women in the mid-seventies, the threesome reappear in the nineties, and age over twenty-five years to the moment when Paddy – and what a delight it is to be reacquainted with Paddy – suggests to Rosalind that she spends her retirement writing a book “about us”. My dread, the death scenes, could be pushed aside?

All of Lesley Hayes’ writing is incredible. Accurate settings our mothers talked of leading to nudges of half-remembered facts and onward to the EU Referendum build-up. Some of the characters have firm views on everything, rarely agreeing with one another, and others are too troubled with their own affairs to notice unless they impinge violently into their lives.

Most of all, after reading of youngsters and young women, the ageing of Cordelia, Beatrice, and Rosalind is a feat perhaps only a psychotherapist could achieve so brilliantly.

Strange Eventful History has been a long time coming but it was worth the wait and to all those readers who are looking to add a book, or books, to their collection, look no further until you have all the works by Lesley Hayes; they earn both their cost and their place a dozen times over, always there to be reread.

All Lesley’s Books on Amazon

Treasure of Indian Music – Meet the Author, Jaykishan Hariharbhai Kapdi

Jaykishan, my friend from a country I’ve never visited, but nobody who follows my blog will be surprised; music flows through my writing, and this is a very special time.


An Editor’s Pick! Congratulations my friend. 

Jaykishan grew up in a family to which music is a blessing from God. Music is hereditary to him. He has learned music from his grandfather Shri Mohanlal Ramdasji Kapdi and father Shri Hariharbhai. He has an experience, how to teach music. He is “Upantya Visharad” in “Tabla” (rhythm).

His grandfather Shri Mohanlal Ramdasji Kapdi has established a non professional music class “Shree Saurashtra Sangeet Vidyalay” in 1935 in the Bhavnagar city-364001, Gujarat State, India, to spread & serve music.


This book is organized into three parts.
Part one addresses the musical terms generally used in vocal & instrumental Indian music. Topics covered include Understanding Indian and Western musical notation method, Signs of Notes used in Indian music, Classical & Non-Classical Indian musical forms, Construction of “Thaat”, Construction of “Raga”, and description of 155 Indian classical “Ragas”.
Part two addresses the musical terms generally used in the Indian rhythm. Topics covered include Understanding the Indian rhythm method, signs of rhythmic words and terms, tempo, “Gharana” (different schools of Indian rhythm), and descriptions of 60 Indian rhythms.
Part three covers a spiritual emancipation through music &“Nad-Shashtra” (Acoustic).
I hope this book will open a new window in the field of Indian music and will be useful for personal study and in the field of education
How to use this book :
You can use this book
1] As a reference :
This book is organized / designed as a reference that you can refer to most of the concepts of Indian Music. A complete index of the book can also help you look up features and topics.
2] As a tutorial :
I have designed this book to be comprehensive guide to Indian Music and to include most of significant features of Indian Music that enables you to use the book as a tutorial – from beginning to end.


I also found some Indian music     YouTube

Please feel free to leave comments. Sarah



Meet Paul Tait. Composer, Singer, & Poet.

The Man Behind the Music in One Alone in the World

Paul Tait doesn’t just take my breath away: he leaves me speechless. Not all the time or I wouldn’t be chatting to you about him. Just when he emails his latest music to “see if I like it”. I love it, and so will you.

For One Alone in the World, he let me use the lyrics to I Didn’t Quit I Surrendered, which gave Richard his big break, and Midnight Angels, which would be a spoiler if I told you where that music was used.  Gonna love you. Gonna love you, girl.” One tiny clue. The girl on the left is Richard and Maria’s daughter, Eleanor.

Tonight, the very latest!

The studio recording and promo video for Run Wild – a beautiful song that is begging for a romantic love story. I guess when I’ve completed a sexy thriller – no title yet, so keep following – I’ll write one. Listen and see if you can resist RUN WILD

My reviews of Paul’s poetry, Boston Dialect books one and two, can be found under “Books I’ve Loved”.