Lovers Who Defied Two World Wars

There are three must-read books for us all this November.

The Dandelion Clock: A wish to end all wishes. A war to end all wars by Rebecca Bryn.

And two books that prove, tragically, that WW1 solved nothing.

Kicker, featuring the almost-forgotten Merrill’s Marauders by R. Grey Hoover.

Touching the Wire: Auschwitz 1944 by Rebecca Bryn.

Fascinating author biographies, complete book details, and buy links to Amazon appear on the individual pages, and I do urge you to investigate.

You may also be interested in Exits and Entrances by Lesley Hayes, a story of three teenagers growing up under the threat of The Cold War and Vietnam, and Military Matters, a collection of eighty poems about military life, by Tom Benson. These can be found under “Books I’ve Loved”.

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