Sizzling Sunset: Second Chances for Star-Crossed Lovers

Royal Command Family Saga – Book 5

Michael Marsh escaped backstreet poverty and has enjoyed over forty years of showbiz success, but still his life is dogged by The Spy, a faceless journalist intent on bringing down the Diamond Superstar and seeing him jailed. Michael has been accused of incest with his eldest daughter, Lisette, and murdering his first wife, Elspeth. Now, his youngest daughter, Greta, is in trouble, again, and Michael’s second wife, Evie, begins to doubt him… Can the Marsh women withstand yet more scandal and find everlasting love?



Amazon Review – Sizzling Sunset or a Sizzling New Dawn?
The fifth book in the Royal Command Family Saga does more than resolve issues from the first four in unguessable ways, it’s a gripping story in its own right. Fast-paced with lots of action, it takes readers back to America and introduces new characters! Having lived in the USA, I can vouch for their authenticity. If you read it first, and you could, I guarantee you’ll be back for the others. Highly recommended.
Author Theresa Jacobs

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