How To Write An Eye-Catching Book Description

If you started reading hoping for the magic solution you’ve come to the wrong place. The correct title would have been a question. A picture says a thousand words? I don’t have one, but I have a cover! Read that first, please.

                                                                                               Okay? Now you know it’s a crime thriller, characters’ lives have been shattered. and one of them is a green-eyed blonde. Investigating is DCI Gerald Persaud. So, how much more should I tell you? What makes you decide to buy a crime thriller that is clearly police procedural? Should the emphasis be on the crime, on the detective inspector and his side-kick, or a bit on the people who live, love, work, gamble, abuse, blackmail, and commit murder, in his area?

Answers on a postcard… cancel that; they wouldn’t make it… in comments, please.



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