Natural Disasters, A Love Story

Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers’ Favorite

In Natural Disasters: A Love Story G. F. Cantrell explores human relationships, morals, or lack of them, and sexuality. The main protagonists are Maggie and Finn, but Maggie’s second husband, the manipulative Martin, lies at the core of the story. Finn enters Maggie’s life when flood water damages the upmarket Arizona home she shares with Martin, and he is called to estimate the cost of making good; it’s his job, and he needs the work. Maggie, mother and grandmother, has a history of childhood abuse. Is that why she became a therapist? Is it the reason she cannot take the final step to divorce, or is it fear of Martin? Finn too has a record of failed relationships and all the baggage – children and grandchildren – and a determination to stay free. Does he, or is his attraction to Maggie too strong to resist?

Natural Disasters: A Love Story is an in-depth, exquisite, work of literary fiction that moves at a slow pace, and it deserves to be read unhurriedly; it is full of intriguing ideas that prompt the reader to evaluate their own lives. Are we the product of our background and upbringing? Do we unconsciously choose partners that mirror a parent? However, it is also a powerful, graphically passionate, narrative: haunting, memorable and, in the end, both surprising and satisfying. Cleverly written from both Maggie and Finn’s point of view – often in flashbacks showing their feelings and reactions to the same event – G. F. Cantrell’s Natural Disasters truly is a superb love story.

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