One Alone in the World (Richard and Maria – Book 3)

One Alone in the World is the final book in the Richard and Maria Trilogy, this time, also featuring their daughter Eleanor.

Richard and Maria’s inheritance, The White Hart is in financial trouble, the twenty-one-year age gap is causing problems, and they are working long days. Richard’s audience is shrinking as he gets older, and for Maria, all the fun has gone out of cooking, and yet only The White Hart Eatery profits stand between them and bankruptcy. Neither has time to spend with their daughter Eleanor, so Richard attempts to console the child by letting her adopt a dog, but Eleanor remains a lonely little girl. After an overheard row, Eleanor tries to help by locating and contacting her maternal grandmother reviving dangerous secrets from the past.


Little girls grow up and we meet Eleanor at 7, 13, and 17. The picture on the left is a clue that she shares Richard’s love of music, and I am indebted to Paul Tait and Chris Robertson for permission to use lyrics from their songs. All have YouTube links, and you simply must not miss the fantastic video that accompanies Paul Tait’s I Didn’t Quit I Surrendered. Next, is my golden girl, the inspiration behind Eleanor’s Annie.

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