Royal Command Family Saga: Plus Sizzling Sunset

All four multi-award-winning novels in one volume plus an exclusive new novella.

Michael is determined to escape poverty with a career on the stage. Elspeth is looking for a love to last a lifetime. One touch, and romance is the air, but Elspeth’s dangerous delving into the secrets of a long-dead queen has consequences no one can predict. Michael’s career takes off thanks to Elspeth befriending a lonely man, but will her kindness prove their undoing, and what price will fame demand of Michael?


What An American Reader Thinks!

Sarah Stuart’s enthralling Royal Command Family Saga is made up of four award winning novels; “Dangerous Liaisons”, “Illicit Passion”, “Dynasty of Deceit”, and “Sweet Temptation”. Each book is a complete tale within itself. Having them all together in one volume is like a marvelous TV series with each book easily making up several seasons.

The story focuses on Michael, a talented but struggling actor who meets heiress Elspeth. They fall in love, and she uses her wealthy background to influence a powerful man and further Michael’s career. His career takes off and he soon is a celebrity. Thus comes the first cautionary aspect of the story; dreams that come true are not always what you wish them to be.

Another is that when you marry you not only marry the person but their family and the entire “luggage” that comes with it. Elspeth’s lineage has a tradition that dates back to Mary Tudor’s time! This tradition brings with it complications and not a small bit of tragedy and intrigue.

Far more than a romance series, the Royal Command Family Saga is one of crime; murder, kidnapping, sex trafficking, incest, and blackmail! Add to all a vicious tabloid journalist hungry for dirt on Michael and fans that have no boundaries and this story\saga never stops twisting, turning, and surprising\shocking. Sarah Stuart commands the tale with her distinct style and mastery of expression. All of the books, while again complete unto themselves, flow effortlessly. Truly a stunning achievement.

The treat here is the new novella Sarah Stuart has written that does more than add to the tale. It ties up some loose ends from the four previous books; completing the saga for those wondering what became of story points touched on but not entirely resolved.

This five book collection is a worthwhile read for anyone whose interests in romance transcends the typical limitations of the genre; yet holds fast to the concept that love, above all, is what matters most.

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