Shetland Pony Rescue

Tiny and terrified, Gary was just a helpless young foal when he was found crammed into the back of a car.

Thankfully, police pulled over the vehicle – also filled with a group of youths – and made sure the Shetland pony was rescued before he could endure any more mistreatment.

He soon found himself safely in the care of Blue Cross, but the trauma of the incident, combined with the likely neglect he had also experienced in his short little life, had sadly taken its toll.

Not only was Gary thin and in terrible condition, he was merely a shell of what a happy, inquisitive foal should be and, quite understandably, was petrified of people.

Shutdown and preferring to be alone, he just stood sad and forlorn in his stable for days after his arrival at our Burford centre in Oxfordshire.

Emily Lambert, Rehoming Coordinator, was one of those involved in Gary’s care. She said: “He was terrified; he would do anything to get away from you or would sometimes just stand there and close his eyes and put his head to the floor as if he was thinking: ‘ If I can’t see you then you can’t see me’.”

There is a happy ending to this story, but only because people donate to The Blue Cross

I support them, among other animal charities worldwide, with donated book royalties, but could you spare a little in thanksgiving, in memory, or as an early Christmas gift?

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