Spoiler Warning! Read Three Against the World before this page.

Richard and Maria’s story ended with Richard promising Maria an engagement ring for her eighteenth birthday, but he was in shock after Valerie’s rejection, so does she get one? The relationship almost founders when he vanishes all day on June the tenth, which is the day. However, Bill – you remember “Mr Pickwick”, landlord of The White Hart? – attempts to push them back together, literally, and Maria knocks a tray of glasses out of a barmaid’s hands. This is Richard’s chance to propose, but will he when he’s committed to entertaining the pub clientele until midnight?

Check back regularly for more. The first correct guess at the song title I’ve used for that chapter wins a free copy of Two Face the World: Marry in haste…

Well, with a title like this one, somebody got married, and it doesn’t take much to guess who, but this is Romantic Suspense, so it isn’t all over with the confetti. The question is, what when wrong first? The past, as Maria says, has a nasty habit of coming back to haunt you. Clue! What is the one word she could say to our gentle, loving, Richard, which would make him lose his temper?

Guesses in comments – free copy to anybody with the correct answer.


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