Mayhem, Maria, & Music


Three Against The World started life as a book my “cover girl” Maria, would be allowed to read. In a word, clean. It came before lockdown, but here she is, two years on, taking her “daily exercise”.

Maria’s mother dumped her on Richard’s doorstep claiming he was her father, and he didn’t tell Maria when he found out it was a mistake. Ben would never have forgiven him if he’d lost her.

Ben is the Jack Russell Terrier Richard adopted from a rescue centre and he is modelled on my own rescued Weimaraner. Not that she bites… or she hasn’t yet, but nobody has threatened me. It is she who taught me how clingy dogs who lose their homes can be. Even now, almost 6 years on, she values routine and gets scared if someone is missing for a few hours, and the only place she can be left alone is in the car. She came from the Blue Cross. If you’d like to help, there’s a link under The Author.

Two Face The World features Richard and Maria married. They still have Ben, but even he can’t protect them from enemies from the past. Eleanor is a baby conceived by mistake, but welcomed into their world of music. The question is, will they all survive? (I did mention suspense.)

This is Eleanor grown up. One Alone in The World is in three parts.

At 7, she falls in love with Brian, an older boy from school, and she tries to help Mum and Dad, resurrecting dangerous secrets from the past.

At 15, she’s a rebellious teenager who wins a music award… the rest is trouble!

At 18, she falls in love, but will she find a way back to the man she loves or remain one alone in the world?


A special message for fans and followers:

Hi all, my name is Tom Benson, and I’m Sarah’s guest administrator.

Sarah has been ill and in hospital for the past couple of weeks. It was unlikely that she’d be able to oversee this post going out so I dropped by on her behalf. I thought it pertinent to let you all know that her absence may continue for a little longer, however, I will monitor and respond to any issues/messages which come this way.

I know that, like me, you’ll all be hoping for her speedy recovery, but in the meantime, she could use all the prayers and positive vibes you can spare. I’ll write a brief message when I have something to post for Sarah.

Best regards,


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