Touching the Wire by Rebecca Bryn wins another top award.

September 2019 Touching The Wire won GOLD in Readers’ Favorite – Historical Fiction. October – Independent Author Network judges did the same and MORE – They awarded Touching the Wire “Outstanding Fiction” AND – wait for it – FIRST PLACE IN BOOK OF THE YEAR!

Well done, Rebecca! I am as proud of this achievement as you; I read so many harrowing drafts and pushed so hard for you to enter contests.

Auschwitz:1944 A Jewish nurse steps from a cattle wagon into the heart of a young doctor, but can he save her? “He had no way to tell her he’d saved her life: no right to tell her to abandon hope.”

As a young man, Walt was an infirmary doctor in Auschwitz-Birkenau, a Nazi death camp in Poland. The horrors of that time and the loss of the woman he loved haunt him. He suffers the guilt of having survived, and also, the burden of having stolen evidence that should have been used to convict Nazi war criminals, but which he kept secret to protect his post-war family. The truth and his own cowardice weigh on his mind and, as a way of dealing with it, he sets in place an elaborate puzzle, not expecting his determined granddaughter to unravel it. A fictional tale of love, faith, cowardice, and courage, and a tribute to everyone who bore the Auschwitz tattoo or were interred in Nazi death camps in WW2, this novel is inspired by real events. An inescapable part of Jewish history, the Holocaust experiments carried out under the auspices of war and Hitler’s obsession with a master race are hard to understand, impossible to condone, and difficult to imagine forgiving. The human spirit that can find love in such a place must be rare indeed, but a person in dire circumstances will grab at a kindness where it is offered. Such is the premise of this story, and it asks the question, could you forgive? Touching the Wire is split into two parts and is as much a present-day mystery as an historical fiction. Part One transitions between 1944/45 Auschwitz and 1970s England and tells the story of Walt’s love for Miriam, a Jewish nurse who helps him save patients from the gas chambers and who joins the camp resistance. More of their story is revealed in Part Two during Charlotte’s present-day search for the truth her grandfather couldn’t tell her – a truth that blows her ‘safe’ world apart.

Available as an eBook, Audiobook, or Paperback. 

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New Readers’ Favorite Award!

Readers’ Favorite Christian Romantic Suspense Award Winner, spot-on for fans of Francine Rivers, Laura Marshall, and Nichola May.

47041003_1863803063695554_7818249331072303104_nSinister letters and anonymous gifts are pranks played on newly-weds, Maria and Richard, aren’t they? Unwilling to upset the one they love, they keep them secret from all but their church minister, who advises ignoring them; someone is full of hatred and unhappy. The warnings in the letters prove all too real and gifts become too virulently malicious to hide. Someone wants to split the couple apart and is prepared to go to any lengths to succeed. With property, their jobs, and then lives, at stake, they are determined to discover the identity of the perpetrator. The police can’t find him or her – detectives Richard employs fail – so, it’s down to them.

Find it on Amazon and if you enjoy it, please leave a review. Sarah,

Stirs the soul, touches the heart.

Great post – be sure to read the ens!

Rebecca Bryn

For a while now, I’ve been contemplating producing an audiobook. Sales of audiobooks have risen in recent years, apparently, and I can see the appeal. Many of us don’t have time to sit and read. With an audiobook, you can listen while doing something else.

But that isn’t the only reason for me to dip my toes into the audiobook market. My father lost the sight of one eye at the age of eight when he had an altercation with a two-ton truck while on his trolley and came off worst. My mother lost the sight of one eye due to a haemorrhage when she was in her sixties. In later life she had a cataract, glaucoma, and macular degeneration in her ‘good’ eye. My mother-in-law also suffered from macular degeneration. While Dad managed to read perfectly well with one eye, Mum and Mum-in-law both struggled to see, let alone…

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Better Strangers

Better Strangers (Written in Water Book 2) by Lesley Hayes

Cordelia, Beatrice, and Rosalind are back! Having survived their variously traumatic teenage years, we catch up with them at twenty-seven and live with them until they attain the “life begins at forty” milestone. All three women are intriguingly recognisable, true to themselves. Thinking back over Better Strangers, I should have foreseen everything, but Lesley Hayes is mistress of the art of hiding the obvious in plain sight.

Ms Hayes also has the uncanny knack of raising questions in her readers minds about their own lives. “Should I have –” “Would it have been better if –” “Was this the road I’d choose if I could start over?” Personally, I don’t know the answers; I see life in black and white, not forgiving shades of grey. I tend to turn “where there is discord, may we bring harmony” on its head, and I could say the same of Cordelia, Beatrice, and Rosalind.

Is the sequel better than Exits and Entrances? As in life, some characters make their final exit, others their first entrance, and all are a fascinating mixture of their genes and upbringing. Both books are intellectually demanding to read, and the answer to my own question is I shall await, impatiently, book three in the Written in Water trilogy.


Unrequited Love – flash fiction short story

An logical but unguessable end. Enjoy!

rudders' writing

Unrequited Love

unrequited loveLucy Brannen simply adored Tommy, and why shouldn’t she? He was a handsome fella, what with his thick, jet black hair, and eyes that could entrance the most reluctant heart.

Everyone loved Tommy; Lucy’s parents, her friends, and even complete strangers too immediately took to him. It was something Lucy understood and accepted, having fallen for Tommy’s charms more than two years before. Yes indeed, Tommy was something special, even if his demands and attention-seeking sometimes made her feel invisible. She had some sympathy now for how new mothers must feel when everyone’s attention and compliments were all directed towards the baby, like the mother wasn’t even there other than as some glorified slave … where was the appreciation and attention she deserved? Whatever her occasional misgivings though, Lucy continued to dote on him, attending to Tommy’s every whim, everything from preparing his meals right down to even…

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My Guest Today is Harmony Kent


Hi, everyone. Harmony here. Many thanks to Sarah for hosting me. I have a new book on preorder called FALLOUT, which is a post-apocalyptic dystopia. This novel started out life by playing a little game. I sat and closed my eyes and imagined an empty room … in that room, a vial appeared. A dull orange plastic thing covered in scratches. It sloshed when I shook it. From that tiny beginning, the world of Exxon 1 and its deadly virus was born.

Did John betray Sasha?
Why wouldn’t he take this golden opportunity to get rid of President Terror?
How can she protect herself now?

Click the cover to preorder and get a lovely surprise on August 25th when it downloads.


The year is 3040.

The location is Exxon 1, part of a six-planet system in settled space.

Determined to avoid the mistakes of old Earth, the surviving humans avoided democracy and opted, instead, for a non-elective totalitarian system.

The new way worked well, until now.

A crazy, despotic president releases a nano-virus on the population.

No one was ready for the fallout. It came anyway.

In this post-apocalyptic world, can you stay safe?

Can you, indeed? Harmony, tell us more about yourself.

“After spending around thirteen years as an ordained Buddhist monk, living in a Zen Buddhist temple, and six years after a life-changing injury following a surgical error, I returned to the world at the tender age of forty.”

Welcome back, Harmony

“Now, she is famous for her laughter, and has made quite the name for herself … she’s also, um, a writer … and fairly well known for that too. She’s even won a few awards. Harmony lives in rural Cornwall with her ever-present sense of humour, adorable husband, and quirky neighbours.
Harmony is passionate about supporting her fellow authors.”

That is Harmony not blowing her own trumpet. Take a look at this!

We’ll have to imagine the adorable husband; she’s keeping him under wraps. I’d love to know more about her quirky neighbours – they probably appear in her books without recognising themselves. 

Find out more about Harmony and her books, especially FALLOUT

Website: https://harmonykent.co.uk/
Story Empire (co-authored): https://storyempirecom.wordpress.com/
Amazon Author Page: Harmony Kent
Twitter: @harmony_kent
LinkedIn: Harmony Kent
Goodreads: Harmony Kent

FALLOUT Pre-order Link: mybook.to/FALLOUT


New release! Kindred and Affinity is out today.

I pre-ordered, so I’m reading it.

Rebecca Bryn

Launching a new book title is always an exciting time, fraught with possibilities of doom and failure. Kindred and Affinity is my eighth title, and I’m altogether too relaxed about it. The fact is that readers who like my books will probably try it, and those who don’t know my writing probably won’t. It’s a little more romance based than most of my books, but like the others, it has a bittersweet twist and is firmly based in the history of the time, which in this instance spans 1873 to around 1915.

The title is live today, so there is now a ‘look inside’ at http://mybook.to/KindredandAffinity, so you can see if it’s something you might like to read, and if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, it’s free.

It’s a tale inspired by snippets of family history that stuck in my mind from my childhood. It’s entirely fictional, but is…

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