Awards Versus Amazon Reviews

These are just a few of the awards my books have won. Obviously, I’m delighted with them. but my readers’ feedback is what really matters!

Three Against the World won this award two years in succession, and I have never found out who entered it for the contest.

It has 56 global reviews with an overall rating of 4.5. Not bad? It’s a ratio of less than 1 in 100 readers reviewing!

Two of my books carry this badge from Readers’ Favorite. Coincidentally, books one and two in the Richard and Maria Trilogy. Is it safe to conclude readers enjoy my Christian books? It’s impossible to say. Two Face the World has 24 reviews (4.5) and One Alone in the World, twelve (5-star).






Shattered Lives was my first venture into Police Procedural Thrillers. Published in 2021, it’s amassed a total of twenty “RATINGS”, which brings me another to problem. How am I supposed to act on a reader’s suggestion, should it be a good one, if they rate without saying why they didn’t award five stars?

Deadly Envy, another DCI Gerald Croft thriller, followed in 2022. 


To date, it has 10 global ratings, overall 4.7. And what pulled it down from 5? A 3-star rating without a review. Any reader is entitled to say what they liked, or didn’t like, about a book, but why leave the author guessing? Worse, Amazon invites readers to help potential buyers decide whether their purchase – a book or anything else – is for them, so merely rating is pointless.


I invite you to read any of my books, romance/sizzle thrillers. Christian romantic suspense, or a police procedural thriller, free with Kindle Unlimited. (Amazon offer a two-month free trial if you don’t already subscribe.)

Remember, your opinion matters. Don’t rate, leave a review – one that says, honestly, what you thought and does NOT give away the story. I have some reviews that do just that!

Thank you NetGalley for a preview copy – pre-order yours now!

John Nicholl is one of my favourite thriller writers and it was an honour and a delight to read his next release.

The strength of this John Nicholl thriller is that the reader can see every facet of the crime – victims, petty crooks, killers, grieving families, the media, and the investigating police officers. Every one of them vividly drawn and grounded. Nobody is completely evil or utterly good.

So, the end is predictable? No! Fast-paced and packed with action, The Carmarthen Murders is a true chiller-thriller created by a master of psychological twists.


Deadly Envy – Readers’ Favorite Accolade

Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome.

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Crime book “Deadly Envy” by Sarah Stuart, currently available at

Readers’ Favorite is one of the largest book review and award contest sites on the Internet. They have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins, and have received the “Best Websites for Authors” and “Honoring Excellence” awards from the Association of Independent Authors. They are also fully accredited by the BBB (A+ rating), which is a rarity among Book Review and Book Award Contest companies.

“Reviewed By Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

DCI Gerald Croft’s Crime Thriller world is featured again in Sarah Stuart’s Deadly Envy. DCI Croft returns from a well-earned holiday with his family to find his house has been burgled. Several unsolved burglaries are already on file and, for now, his will be added to it. An armed raid at a jeweler has ended in tragedy, with the owner shot dead. Was it really a robbery gone wrong or something else? Hector is renting a room from Mrs. Croft but is he the tenant he seems to be or is he there for another reason? Kidnap, suicide pacts, murder, and burglaries; DCI Croft has his work cut out for him this time as the crime wave continues to roll. Can he stop it before it gets worse?

Deadly Envy by Sarah Stuart is one of the best thrillers I have ever read. Each chapter tells the story of a different character, introducing you to them and drip-feeding their backstories throughout the book. All the characters are well-developed to the point where you feel like you know them; you’ll even find yourself rooting for one of the baddies. It’s a busy story and there are lots of subplots going on but they do all tie in together nicely. The suspense builds throughout this expertly written tale and you won’t put it down, desperate to know what happens next and how it all ends – you won’t be disappointed. Highly recommended to anyone who likes crime thrillers and wants a suspenseful, action-packed plot to test their skills of deduction.”

You can learn more about Sarah Stuart and “Deadly Envy” at where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

Readers’ Favorite LLC
Media Relations
Louisville, KY 40202

New DCI Gerald Croft Crime Thriller!



Can DCI Gerald Croft stop a crime wave before the media pick up the story and put him in the chief superintendent’s firing line?
An armed raid on a jewellers’ shop – deaths that might have been a suicide pact or murder – a teenage girl kidnapped.
Is there more to come?

Pre-order available at just 99 cents/pence/euro. Grab it now before the published price rises!

The most ignominious act of treachery in Scottish history.

I’ve read an ARC. Don’t miss the low pre=order price!


Rebecca Bryn

It’s 1705 and Scotland is on its knees. For years, the country’s Company of Scotland has been denied access to the profitable trade routes to the East Indies by the rival English East India Company. Piracy is rife across the ocean trade routes, the slave trade is at its height, England is keen to avoid war with Spain, and every venture Scotland has pursued has ended in disaster, huge loss of life in a faraway colony, and a further crippling of her economy and her hopes.

The directors of the Company of Scotland lay the blame directly at the feet of the English, not without some just cause, and are driven to undertake a reckless and treacherous course of action that threatens the lives of innocent men and brings England and Scotland to the brink of war.

Such was the state of affairs before the union of England and Scotland…

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Sarah’s “Work In Progress”

DCI Gerald Croft is once again in the Chief Superintendent’s firing line; the Garton Gazette is printing embarrassing articles! An armed raid on a jewellers’ shop ends with the death of the owner. Three people, or possibly four, have unexpectedly died of heart attacks, and a poisoner is at work. Children are kidnapped from the wealthiest part of the borough and returned for huge ransoms… to be paid in gemstones. So, whodunthem?

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Grab Book 1 for FREE & 4 more for only 99c each. Find out how a Tudor queen pushed her 21st century heiress into danger, and how the man she loved never forgot her… or his betrayal!

It all began when a wealthy Elspeth fell in love with a backstreet boy, but obeyed the queen’s command to pass on a diary to her daughter, Lisette, who dreamed of forbidden love… but did it remain a dream?





Lisette had a “lovechild” in secret, but one evil man guessed, and she paid a high price for his silence, until she escaped and the family rallied to her side… but did they end in jail?




On the ski-slopes below the peak of the Matterhorn, Elspeth was stabbed to death, but by whom? Lisette’s husband, Brian, chased a man across America to discover the truth. Was he believed and the killer convicted?





Lonely for Elspeth, the backstreet boy she made a superstar finds another love, but can she believe him when he says “I’m no innocent, no stranger to sin. Take me as I am, or not at all”?




A long-delayed concert tour across America from the Hollywood Bowl to Washington DC  ends with a trial for double murder in Switzerland, but who is the accused and is he convicted? Does Elspeth’s youngest child escape the terrors of the past and find a love of her own?




Click a cover to find the book on Amazon.

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Shattered Lives Wins a New Honour.

Shattered Lives took over a year in   the writing, and thanks are due to so many people there are too many to name.


However, I’ll do my best… in alphabetical order to be fair.

Benson (Tom) Author of countless books, including my personal favourite, Military Matters, who gave up precious writing time to edit three times.


Brownley (Sharon) author and book cover creator who gave advice for free.

Aspire Book Covers



Bryn (Rebecca) author, proofreader, and cover creator.

Who read Shattered Lives chapter by chapter countless times.


Hayes (Lesley) author and psychoanalyst who checked my killer’s character held together.



Nicholl (John) author and former child protection worker and senior police officer.

The man who convinced me I could, and should, write a thriller, and answered dozens of questions.

Finally, to my friends all over the world, thank you for your good wishes and prayers when Shattered Lives almost ended at the halfway stage – I was in hospital… and wouldn’t the killer have loved that! DCI Croft wouldn’t have caught him. If he did…


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