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Rebecca Bryn

Eight books… yes, eight. Not 99p each, or even 99c each, but 99p/99c each for TWO box sets. is an epic trilogy set in 1840s England and Australia and follows the misfortunes of Jem, a young poacher convicted of killing one of Lord Northampton’s gamekeepers and exiled for life to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania). The fact that he left behind his common-law wife, Ella, and their baby son, William, broke his heart, but Ella is a woman in love, and women in love are unstoppable.

The sacrifices Ella made to escape a loveless marriage will break your heart, as it broke the hearts of some of those she loved. Her decisions weren’t the best, but always her love for Jem and her children shines through.

The books are available separately and have great reviews, but for the reader who likes a binge read, the box set is perfect. Usually…

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New Release!

Royal Command Family Saga: Plus Sizzling Sunset

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Michael, a poverty-stricken amateur actor makes superstar abetted by wife Elspeth. Unknown to Michael, Elspeth and their daughter are influenced by a literary heirloom. Seductions, betrayals, kidnap, blackmail, & murder follow. The Spy, an unscrupulous journalist, is out to prove rumour true & see Michael jailed for incest, hiring a hit man, or both.    Remember, Sizzling Sunset is EXCLUSIVE – never to be published separately!

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Royal Command Family Saga: Plus Sizzling Sunset

Michael Marsh, a poverty-stricken amateur actor, puts ambition above romance, until he falls in love and marries Elspeth, only daughter of a wealthy Scottish laird. Elspeth persuades Clement, a multi-millionaire impresario, to cast Michael in a starring role. The musical is a spectacular success in London’s West End and on Broadway.

Unknown to Michael, Elspeth and their eldest daughter are influenced by a literary heirloom originally owned by Margaret Tudor, which results in illicit relationships, seductions, betrayals, and illegitimate children. The Spy, a self-seeking journalist with a nose for a story, avoids litigation with questions to feed a scandal-hungry world.

Michael faces an overwhelming celebrity lifestyle, constant paparazzi harassment, a child kidnapped for ransom, the grief of a brutal murder, and unless The Spy, spearheading the media attacks, is defeated, a lifelong threat of imprisonment.

A saga to captivate fans of Claire Macintosh, Susan Lewis, and Lianne Moriarty. 18+ only.


Honouring the Fallen

Lest we forget…

Rebecca Bryn

It seems to me that the best way of honouring the fallen of two world wars is not to forget their sacrifice and have some understanding of what they went through. ‘Lest we Forget’ is written large on many memorials for a very good reason, but what do most of us actually know about the conditions in which soldiers lived and died, or the inhumanity with which the inmates of Hitler’s death camps were treated?

This isn’t something we should close our eyes to, however painful the truth is, and between the hope, courage, resilience, and acts of self-sacrifice, it is painful.

I’ve penned two novels about war and its effects on ordinary people, inspired by ordinary people, and writing and researching them opened my eyes. How did these men and women endure with such courage? I am still astounded.

To honour the memory of those who are no longer…

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Sizzling Sunset

Dramatic close of the Royal Command Family Saga is almost complete!

Read the Editorial Review of just one of the multi-award-winning novels – Illicit Passion

The plot has many layers and the author weaves in the sub-plots masterfully. All the characters have been portrayed well and the twists and turns will keep readers glued to the book to learn what is happening next. Though the plot is complex and has many shades to it, apart from the incest angle, the book also deals with sexual exploitation and abuse. The writing style is fluid and the characters and scenes come alive under the author’s detailed narration. There is a lot of passion and action and the story takes readers into a different world; to one of glamour and riches.

Watch this page for the pre-order date when the price will be a mere 99 cents or its equivalent worldwide. A saving on the first four books of $10.97 + Sizzling Sunset, which will never be published individually!



Playing with Acrylic Pouring

I like this.
Watercolour Landscapes is great, so keep practising!

Painting Made Possible

I’ve only recently discovered this process, and I was blown away by some of the art I’ve seen done by this method. Inspired to try it, I bought the stuff, and then more stuff, and more stuff. Being a watercolour artist, a tube of paint lasts me for years, and I’m naturally mean, anyway, so this terrified me – acrylic pouring uses paint at an alarming rate. However, undeterred, I’ve had a go. Results pretty miserable to be honest, but the work of others drives me to keep trying.

This is the first piece I’ve felt pleased with. It’s inspired by a YouTube video demonstration by Julie Cutts of ‘Pouring your Heart out with Julie Cutts’ Facebook group. Look her up. When I’d finished it, it made me think of old painted boards, so I added a hasp and padlock.

I’ve called it ‘The Secret Door’.

I shall definitely be…

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Depths of Darkness

14 Horror Stories to scare you on Halloween and beyond!


Let the Nightmares Begin …

Dare you venture into these macabre worlds created for your ‘entertainment’? Whether or not they are publicly admitted, many of us have a fear or phobia. A phobia is an irrational fear. True terror, on the other hand, can evolve from no more than a belief, or a thought, provoked by a situation, or rapidly changing circumstances. Remember, your thoughts can be your worst enemy, and the better your imagination, the more terrifying your world can become.

Hell Fire by Tom Benson
Dwelling in the Shadows by Sylva Fae
Pyrohypnosis by Melanie P. Smith
The Round House by Penny Luker
A Fate Worse Than Death by P.A. Rudders
Thimbles at Dawn by Sarah Stuart
The Prophesy by Lacey Lane
Lion by John M.W. Smith
Only the Lonely by Theresa Jacobs
The Jacket by Pam Kesterson
The Memorial by Sarah Stuart
Be Careful What You Wish For by P.A. Rudders
Pain Relief by Tom Benson
Mistaken Identity by Penny Luker

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